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It's a new age.

The way we share information of any kind is much more saturated and faster than it used to be at the beginning of the first industrial revolution.

Communication is certainly much more advanced, and learning doesn't require a strigent and direct handing over of information anymore. Well for most of the emerging job markets across the globe.

We have jobs that didn't exist two decades ago. And some books written 5 years ago cannot serve the profession for which they were intended for today.

So the flow of information and the rate of learning has increased drastically. But even more than that, the staying power of ideas has decreased as a result.

This leaves every profession in quite a predicament. And creates an environment that requires every proffesional, from any industry, to learn fast and learn newer ideas every day. This with the exception of a few industries of-course.

Sooo... How do we learn faster?

Well ... The majority of the developing world is staring at some form of computer screen as we speak. This happens for a considerable amount of time daily. The web offers a lot of information. Admittedly, a lot of it can be garbage but some if it is actually value adding knowledge. But most importantly for you Timothy, most of it is free. And can be consumed everywhere by everyone. However it does require a healthy amount of discretion.

"Today, the information you need is literally at your finger tips."

The Village Geek

So embrace the web in all it's shame and glory, and start learning today. Learn what you must and/or want to learn. Today, the information you need is literally at your finger tips.

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