Basic PHP : The Full Language Introduction 1

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Please note that this tutorial is part of the Build Your Own Site series of tutorials. Feel free to restart the series.

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Let's get into it Partner.

In the last tutorial of the series; 'Build Your Own Site', we elaborated a lot more on HTML, and helped built our first Form on an HTML Page. We talked a little about submitting forms and needing PHP to process that form submission. And so here we are; learning some of that PHP "good-good" to get you start.

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Now that we have talked extensively about how all of this is going to work, let's get back to the topic at hand shall we; learning how to use the PHP language.

PHP Tags

As we've indicated in a lot of our previous tutorials, PHP is written between php tags, like so:

<?php  exit('soul train'); //php here  ?>
<title>PHP FOOL!!</title>

    php above fool

    echo 'hello world';

Variables in PHP are declared with the $ sign, because we're all about that moolla booiiyyy. Naaahh it's just a convention that was adapted at the creation of the language. Look at the example below

    $stuff = "Hello World";
    echo stuff;
    $stuff = "Hello World";
    echo $stuff;

    $stuff = "New value";
    echo $stuff;
    $stuff = "Hello World";
    echo "At first you have to say ".$stuff;

    $num = 5;

    $sum = $num + 5; // this will give 10

    $difference = $num - 2; // this will give 3

    $multiplication = $num * 2; // this will give 10

    $division = $num / 1; // this will give you 5


We'll be using a lot of PHP variables in these tutorials, so please look at these basic PHP variable rules below.

Rules for PHP variables:

"We'll be using a lot of PHP variables in these tutorials, so please look at these basic PHP variable rules."

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"Alright, alright, alright ..." - Matthew McConaughey

We've learnt enough for one tutorial Betsy, go ahead and get some lemonade and a biscuit, and maybe take a long walk to the park will ya :)

In the next tutorial we'll continue in our quest to get you more familiar with the basics of PHP.

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