Basic PHP: The Full Language Introduction 2

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PHP has three main variable scopes:

PHP Functions

Once again, a function is a block of statements that can be used repeatedly in a program. A PHP function is defined as shown below

    function nameFunction() {
        //function code to be returned here inside
    function sayHello(){
        echo 'hello world1!';

    //calling the function

    //calling the function will print 'hello'

As usual Pedro, create a new PHP file called 'functions.php', get your ide/text editor ready, because we're about to get our code on. Alright copy and paste the code below, and let's get cracking ....


    function printText(){
        echo 'this text is from the function';


    function testArguments($name){

        echo 'your name is '.$name.'!';

    // caliing function with our argument

    function testArguments($name, $lastName){
        echo 'Your name is '.$name.' '.$lastName;

    testArguments('Thandi', 'Swanepoel');


Default values for our arguments, these are the values that will be used instead of our arguments in case they are empty. Like so ...


    function defaultArguments($name = 'default name'){
        echo 'The name value is '. $name;

    defaultArguments('Danng Ma!');

    function addition($x, $y){
        $sum = $x + $y;
        return $sum;

    echo addition(5, 1);

"Functions are a collection of one or more php statements stored in a block, that can be called/referenced and used at multiple points of a PHP script for multiple times"

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Play around with the code will ya ... It'll be a good decompression for you.

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