Installing LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 18.04

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When building web projects using PHP, you'll need to install what is called a LAMP stack. LAMP is an acronym for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. A Stack is really just a combination of technical resources used to build an application of some sort. This could be an app, website, desktop app etc.

Let's just explain the components of this stack a bit shall we. This will help you understand how they all fit together


Linux is an open source OS (Operating System) that can be used via a myriad of distributions.

In our case, Ubuntu is the Linux distribution we'll be using. This tutorial assumes that you've already installed Ubuntu 18.04 and are good to go. If not, check out some tutorials online on how to get this done ...


Apache is an open source server that we'll be using to host our site. It's quite easy to use, and quite popular on the world wide web.


This is the system that hosts our database, also open source and we'll be using SQL to interact with it.

Last but not least, the infamous PHP


PHP is a server-side scripting language used to build applications. I t doesn't really build the UI (what you see on the screen), but rather helps in handling requests, processing data, and serving up the pages you see on your Screen.

Now open your terminal. If you don't know how to use the Ubuntu interface; simply press ctrl + alt + t and the terminal will start and present you with a blank window.

Type : sudo apt-get upate

If you want to upgrade your Linux distro, and only if you want to upgrade your Ubuntu, you can also run: sudoe apt-get upgrade to get upto date.

Wait for both of them to finish. See to it that you keep your terminal open and in-view all the time.This is incase their prompts pop up and you have to manually respond.

MySQL will have something for root password and if you'll need a password. So watch out for it and respond accordingly.

"PHP is a server-side scripting language"

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After updating and upgrading , you are now ready to install your LAMP stack.

Alright run : sudo apt install lamp and attend to the command line for the prompts.

Alright, there you have it ...

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