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We'll begin our web development journey by setting up your development environment. This is the system on which we’ll be building your example site. Essentially, we'll be mimicking the environments on which an actual site would live, on to your local environment; your PC.

All this "your local" environment business, just means your personal computer. For PHP to run on your computer, we need to install a few pieces of software. And that's what we mean by setting our development environments. Different operating systems need different pieces of software installed.

If you feel nervous and excited, believe the Village Geek; it's justified! Learning a programming can be quite daunting. But don't worry, we'll be holidng your hand through it all.

We’ll be taking you through all the necessary steps to set up our dev (development) environment on the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The following topics will involve a lot of referencing to servers; so please, feel free to read about them before or during our discussions. OR you can read a little about them below.

Essentially; servers are the environments/systems on which our computer programs/sites are gonna run. Web browsers have a particular way of interpreting and displaying sites, and our servers are essentilaly gonna help us get all the bits and components together for proper presentation.

So in essence, sites are a collection of files, that can be run/executed by a browser. Those collection of files, or the site; lives in a server. A container/computer/collection of computers that house and run our site.

We'll be talking about the following server environments in our tutorials. Well YOU'LL be building those environments/servers, so YOU can be able to build your own site :)

"Alright, alright, alright" ... Let's get into some really nerdy stuff.

"Essentially; servers are the environments/systems on which our computer programs/sites are gonna run"

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We'll be setting up our development environments on these operating systems :

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