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If you've been following these build your own site tutorials from the begin, you're in for a treat. You'll be writing your first piece of code in this one :).

We'll be looking at text editors and how to use them. Text editors are the pieces of software on which we write computer programs(code). That’s right, you’re gonna be writing computer programs soon.

For this series of tutorials followers; Can’t run now, you’re about to be Nerds.

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Remember this?

    <title>Title of the document</title>

        The content of the document......
        <?php echo 'embedded code'; ?>

We write this in our text editors, save it, and run it in a browser. This weird stuff is code, to be precise; it's HTML and PHP. But don't worry about it, we'll baptise you into these bad boys soon.

Now, there are a lot of text editors out there (like in the world, not the gallaxy, or the known universe, okay I digress). In our web development journey on, we’ll be using a small and simple text editor called Sublime Text. This editor is free and downloadable for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems.

On the Sublime Text site, you’ll see examples and documentation on the what and how of this helpful little editor. Download, install, and play around with it a little. Maybe get the examples on their site going … Installation is enough at this stage in your development journey. Seriously this is all you need to do at this time in your journey Nerd :)

For my Ubuntu peeps, there are instructions on how to get this downloaded on your system. As for the other Operating systems, it's download and install time!

"This editor is free and downloadable for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems."

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Alright .. okay, you can go agitate the cat next door now, when you come back we’ll get you writing your first piece code.

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