Ubuntu Development Environment

Ubuntu is an open source operating system. This popular Linux distribution is well suited for local development, as it doesn't have to mimic a production server. It's the most popular operating system on most online servers today. As a distribution of Linux, it’s already a development environment. So all we have to do is install and setup LAMP.

Please have a look at the tutorial on Setting up your Development Environment to get up to date with what servers are, and the development environment as a whole.

Also remember that LAMP stands for Linux Apache Mysql and PHP. By Linux distribution, we mean any operating system that is built off of Linux. Ubuntu is one of the many Linux distributions, including Debian, Fedora, Red hat, and Andriva amongst many. Do not worry about all this, we will continue to unpack them in the chapters that follow. But for now, just know that we are using Linux to setup your local environments in these tutorials.

Please note that we'll not be going through the Ubuntu installation in this tutorial. But there are plenty of resources out there for that. Have a look at these for a little guidance :

Alright … Okay … let’s get in there

Alright , okay .. you have now installed Lamp and PhpMyAdmin. Congratulations!!

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